Software: How to Enable Cookies in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome

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  • August 6, 2014

Enabling Cookies in Mozilla Firefox

1. Click Tools in the Firefox toolbar and then Options.

2. Access the Privacy & Security tab in the Options box.

3. You should see a section for Cookies and Site Data; select Accept Cookies from Sites. Select “They expire” under the dropdown for Keep until.

Firefox Cookies and Site Data Menu

4. You should see a section for History; select Remember history. Alternatively, you can choose Use custom settings for history.

5. You may have to restart Firefox for the settings to be applied.

Enabling Cookies in Internet Explorer

1. Select Tools in the toolbar.

2. Select Internet Options.

3. Access the Privacy tab. You should see a settings bar; slide the bar to the bottom of the gauge.

4. It should indicate Internet Explorer will now Accept All Cookies

5. Click Apply.

Enabling Cookies in Google Chrome

1. Access the Customize and control Google Chrome menu and click Settings.

2. Click Advanced… and click Content settings… under Privacy and Security.

3. Within the Content Settings click Cookies.

4. Click Select Allow local data to be set (recommended). (*When enabled the button will be blue.)