Notification Preferences

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  • May 18, 2017

Moodle users can program how and when they receive notifications for different events.

  1. Select the Notifications icon in the top right of any Moodle page. The icon is shaped like a bell.
  2. Select the Gear Icon to open the Notification Preferences page.
  3. The Notification Preferences screen appears. Users can choose how they wish to be notified for different events.
    1. There are separate settings for Email notifications and Web notifications within Moodle itself.
    2. In each column, users can choose different settings depending on whether an event occurs when they are online or offline.
  4. The most frequent notifications are following (please note that not all options may be available):
    • Assignment notifications
    • Subscribed forum posts
    • Subscribed advanced forum posts
    • Essay graded notifications
  5. Users can disable all notifications by selecting the Disable Notifications checkbox at the top of the list.