How to Attempt, Submit, and Review a Quiz or Exam

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  • July 10, 2014

The words quiz and exam are interchangeable in Moodle; the same method is used to create both.

Accessing a Quiz

Click the hyperlink for the quiz from the main course page. The quiz may be hidden from student view if you are unable to view the hyperlink; contact your instructor if this is the case. The quiz’s information page will open; the number of possible attempts will be listed under the assessment name, along with any special instructions provided by your instructor. Click Attempt quiz now.

Time Limit

Please note that the time limit, if programmed by your instructor, will start as soon as you click Attempt quiz now. You can leave the quiz and Moodle will save your attempt, however, time will continue to count down. Moodle will submit the quiz for you, regardless of completion, upon expiration of the time limit.

Attempting the Quiz

The quiz will open; complete all questions on all pages. Each question has a gray box of information to the left of it; the Flag question button will remind you to return to it later before submitting. Questions you have flagged will be indicated in the Quiz navigation area (to the left or right of the attempt).

Inside a quiz question with flag question option

You can also use the Quiz navigation area to jump from one question to another by clicking the question number.

Quiz Navigation menu

Submitting the Quiz

Clicking Next after the final question will open a Summary of attempt page. Flagged questions will be indicated on the summary, as well as the answer status for each question. You have the option of clicking Return to attempt or Submit all and finish. Clicking Submit all and finish will prompt a pop-up confirming that you would like to submit your attempt; click Submit all and finish. Direction to a review of the submitted quiz is dependent upon quiz settings by your instructor; you may not receive a review.

Reviewing the Quiz

A review page will be displayed after you have clicked Submit all and finish, provided the instructor has enabled a review. Your attempt will be provided with information such as the answer you selected, the correct answer, if your answer was correct or incorrect, etc. These are all settings that are completely at your instructor’s discretion. Click Finish review in the Quiz navigation area when you are finished reviewing to be directed to the Summary of your previous attempts page. You can click Review to reenter the Review quiz page. You will also have a Re-attempt quiz button if your instructor has enabled multiple attempts. Lastly, if you would like your quiz attempt reset, please contact your instructor.

The Review Page

The Quiz navigation area shows question numbers whether you answered them correctly or incorrectly. Red boxes that have a line at the top indicate incorrect, while green boxes with a line at the bottom indicate correct. You can click the number of any question to jump to that question.

The top of the page will indicate your attempt information, such as when the quiz was taken, how long it took, and the grade you received. The questions and your answers will be listed below the attempt information. Incorrect and correct answers, as well as feedback, will be indicated per question; again, this is only if your instructor programmed the quiz to provide any or all of these features to you.