How to Access Your Courses

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  • May 18, 2017

Your courses can be easily accessed from the Dashboard page, the  Courses link in the site directory, and the Navigation block.

You may be directed to the Site Home page instead of the My Home page upon logging in; in this case, locate the Navigation panel (the panel will be on the left side of the website). If you do not see a directory, click the button with three horizontal bars located at the top of the page and the panel should appear.


Your Courses will be listed at the bottom of the navigation panel in a vertical list of any course you are enrolled in.  Click the hyperlinked name of the course to navigate to the course.  You can also access your dashboard from this panel.  You can find more about utilizing the Moodle dashboard here:

On the right hand side of the website you can find your courses by scrolling down to the Navigation Block.