Browser Check

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  • May 26, 2017

Note: Your institution may not provide this feature.

Browser Checker is a tool that uses compatibility testing to verify that one’s browser and installed software can support the Moodle learning management system.

Navigate to the main page of your school’s Moodle portal to access the Moodle Browser Checker. The browser check appears as a block on the main page.

The tool displays a list of items it has checked, all of which may affect your ability to use Moodle. These include a JavaScript check, a cookies check, a popup window check, a Port 80 check, and a Java check. A status of warning or success is required to use Moodle.

Browser Check: A warning in this field may mean your browser is not fully up to date, but it still meets the minimum standards for Moodle use. Either a warning or a success in this field is fine. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

JavaScript Check: Moodle uses JavaScript in many locations within the portal for functions such as timing, prompt boxes, and printing. If your JavaScript fails this check, visit “How to Enable JavaScript in Your Browser” to learn how to enable it. (This link includes instructions for multiple browsers.)

Cookies Check: Cookies are small pieces of data that Moodle sends and stores in the browser while you use the portal. They assist in retaining user information, logging in, and keeping track of pages viewed. If your cookies are not enabled, visit “What are Cookies?” to learn how to enable them. (This link includes instructions for multiple browsers.)

Pop-Up Window Check: Moodle occasionally uses pop-up windows for file uploading, quizzes, and other functions. You can often tell your browser to accept pop-up windows from only specific websites, which is recommended. If your pop-up windows are not enabled, visit Wikihow’s “How to Enable Pop-Ups” to learn how to enable them. (This link includes instructions for multiple browsers.)

Port 80 Check: Port 80 is the standard server port for transferring Web pages over the Internet.

Java Check: Moodle may use Java to run some activities. It is important to have a secure version of Java on your computer. If your version of Java appears to the right of the words Java Check, your Java should be up to date. If not, you can visit the Java website for more information about the latest version of Java.