Assignments: How to Grade an Assignment

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  • June 5, 2017

All assignments should be graded within the assignment submission, as opposed to directly in the gradebook via the Grader report page.

  1. Identify and click the assignment you need to grade on the main page of your course.
  2. Click View all submissions OR Grade in the grading summary.
    • Click View all submissions. On the next screen, click the Grade button in the Grade column that corresponds to the student submission needing to be graded. The grading page will open for the selected student’s submission.
    • Or, click Grade. The grading page will open to the first student’s submission.
  3. The grading page has several options. If all grading options are enabled, you can:
    • Add a grade: Enter the numeric grade for the student’s submission in the text box provided. Decimals can be included.
    • Add feedback/comments: Enter your feedback/comments in the text box provided.
    • Upload feedback files: Drag and drop the feedback file to the designated box, or click Add… to browse for the file(s) on your computer.
    • Notify students: Students will receive an e-mail notification that the assignment grading is complete if this option is set to Yes.
  4. The student’s submission can also be annotated (if submitted as a .pdf or .docx file). On the left side of the page, the student’s submission will appear and you can add text and shapes and highlight using the toolbar.
  5. annotation toolbar



    add commentsAdd comments. Click and drag on the student’s submission to add a text box.

    change comment colorChange comment color (yellow is the default).


    selectSelect. This is helpful if you need to move a comment box or shape on the student’s submission, or if you need to select an item to delete it.

    pen toolPen tool. This allows you to draw freeform shapes on the submission.

    line toolLine tool. This draws straight lines.

    square shape toolSquare shape tool.

    circle shape toolCircle shape tool.

    highlight toolHighlight tool.

    color selectorColor selector for the pen, line, square, circle, and highlight tools. Red is the default.

    stamp tool Stamp tool. The button on the right allows you to select the stamp you’d like to use. Students will not see stamps if they view the .pdf outside Moodle.

    • To delete a comment, use the select tool to click the icon in the upper right of the box and click Delete comment.

    delete comment

    • To delete a shape or stamp, use the select tool to click on the item, and then click the trash can icon.
    • To navigate to a different page in the submission, use the page arrows on the upper left of the submission.

    navigation arrow

  6. Save your grading when finished by clicking Save Changes.
  7. To navigate to another student’s submission, you can use the drop-down menu in the top right or the navigation arrows on either side of the drop-down menu.
  8. change user

  9. You can also use the filter options by clicking on the funnel icon under the Change user drop-down menu:
  10. filter options

    This will allow you to filter students by only selecting the ones who have submitted, not submitted, or require grading. Only those students will be listed in the drop-down menu.